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Experience the transformative power of strategic SEO and persuasive copywriting. Rank higher, attract more visitors and engage your audience effectively. Convert visitors to customers and increase profit. 

Our solutions are tailored to your unique business needs, ensuring you stand out in the competitive digital landscape. Partner with us, and let’s create your compelling digital story together.

Why do businesses hire SEO agencies?

It is not enough to have a beautifully designed website. The website must rank high on search engines. High-ranking websites bring traffic. Traffic brings profit.

Primerank SEO and copywriting agency takes care of that.

Local SEO gives you visibility in your local or regional environment. Website analytics give you more insight into where your site performs well and what can be improved. We analyze the competition to explore their weaknesses and copy their strengths. Building backlinks gives your domain more authority online and allows you to find new partners and opportunities. Content strategy enhances the website’s authority in your particular niche.

We convert visitors into customers.

Three pillars of high ranking on the search engines

 Internet is huge. Although 90% of all sites receive 0 traffic, thousands still compete for each niche and every lucrative keyword.
Luckily, SEO agency Primerank provides three pillars that create a solid foundation for your internet business. They are SEO, copywriting, and web development.


The noble art of ranking websites high on the internet. Crawling, indexing, content, technical SEO, and backlink building. These are all important concepts SEO experts from our agency have mastered.


Bill Gates said: “Content is king.” Google is always secretive, but he clearly stated that content is the most important ranking factor. Experienced copywriters can write engaging and helpful content visitors will love and share.

Web Development

It is best to do SEO simultaneously with building your perfect and beautiful website. You will save money and time without repairing technical issues later. Web development is an art and science.

About us

Welcome to our SEO agency – where creativity meets technology and ideas transform into tangible business results. 

Our team is a unique blend of creative copywriters and seasoned SEO specialists. We constantly learn, evolve, and stay ahead of digital trends, allowing us to deliver innovative and forward-thinking solutions to our clients. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to our client’s success sets us apart.

At the heart of our services is a client-centric approach. We believe in building strong, long-term relationships and working closely with our clients to understand their business and its digital needs. 

Matija Čaić

mag. ing. , SEO specialist

SEO Academy

Do you want to know SEO and copywriting basics? Or maybe you want to become a full-blooded SEO specialist and killer copywriter? SEO and copywriting agency Primerank has got you covered. Whether you want just information, full-scale course, or private instructions tailored to your and your company's needs, the resources of our SEO Academy are at your disposal. Knowledge is power.


Read the most interesting stories and facts from the digital realm. Learn, have fun, and stay informed about what is happening in the SEO world. Be the first to know important pieces of information.

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Matija Čaić

mag. ing., SEO specialist