About Us

What is Primerank, and what is the idea behind this unique SEO and copywriting agency?

Primerank was found on September 1st. 2022. by Matija Čaić, already a very experienced SEO and copywriting freelancer. Since then, dedication to learning more, achieving better results, and becoming known in the SEO community has been the focus of this agency’s growth.

 Internet is huge. Although 90% of all sites receive 0 traffic, thousands still compete for each niche and every lucrative keyword.
Luckily, SEO agency Primerank provides three pillars that create a solid foundation for your internet business. They are SEO, copywriting, and web development.

Adopting a variety of tools and AI technology propelled Primerank even further. We can deliver more accurate results faster, lowering our clients’ costs. Of course, tools are just tools and are useless without real creative people behind them.

Our holistic approach to optimization differentiates Primerank from other agencies. There is no field or approach without our reach. It can be classical technical, on-site optimization and backlink building, or something completely unorthodox like support pages, PR for important people in your business, and cross-platform SEO.

Ambition is our driving force, and we aim to transfer that spirit to our clients. Creating long-term relationships is very important to us.

Don’t believe us just because we told you so. Contact us for a free analysis of your website. Our portfolio and this website show that we mean and know business. We will listen to you; together, we can achieve something big.

Matija Čaić

mag. ing., SEO specialist

Our satisfied clients

Matija Čaić

mag. ing., SEO specialist