How do you evaluate keyword difficulty?

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The holy grail of any SEO optimization is finding keywords with a large number of monthly searches and little competition. While the volume of searches can be read relatively accurately from many SEO tools, assessing how difficult a keyword is to rank is not simple. Why is it easier to research search volume compared to […]

Basics of keyword research

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Keywords form the basis of SEO optimization, which is a crucial aspect of online visibility. Search engines aim to present users with the most relevant content that matches their search query. Since textual keywords are used to describe content, whether in text, images or videos, it is essential to learn how to conduct effective keyword […]

White-label SEO agency – what is it and how to use this business model?

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You may have heard of the business practice where a company sells products under its brand, but another company manufactures them. This is called white-labeling and is used in various industries. What is white-label business model? The white-label business model is a process in which one company produces a product or service, which other companies […]

Google phases out third-party cookies. Are we closer to a safer internet?

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Cookies track our online behavior, and this information is utilized by websites to create targeted ads that are tailored to our interests and preferences. It may not be a pleasant thought to know that our every online activity is being recorded and analyzed somewhere, but the truth is that search engines and websites rely on […]

Kiddle – visual search engine for kids

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The Internet is a vast ocean of information. Finding a safe harbor for children to explore, learn, and satisfy their curiosity can be challenging. This is where Kiddle comes into the picture, offering a child-friendly interface and filtered content to ensure a safe online experience for the younger audience. What is Kiddle? Kiddle is a […]

Startpage search engine – Google results with maximum privacy

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In an ever-growing concern for online privacy, savvy netizens always search for new tools to protect their information. Enter Startpage – a search engine designed with privacy as its primary mission. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a way to search the internet without leaving a digital footprint, you’ll want to continue reading. About Startpage […]

Love – hate relationship of search engines and social media

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Social networks are an important, if often neglected, part of website optimization. Considering the small percentage of quality content on them, search engines generally do not show them in the SERP. But that doesn’t mean they don’t track which profiles are significant in their niche. Do search engines track signals from social networks? Yes. Likes, […]

What is SEO optimization, and how do internet search engines work?

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The relationship between SEO and search engines can be described as a “love-hate relationship”. An SEO specialist aims to identify and create the best content for search engines, while search engines aim to find and rank the best content. Therefore, the basics of SEO cannot be mastered without also mastering the principle by which search […]