Social networks are an important, if often neglected, part of website optimization. Considering the small percentage of quality content on them, search engines generally do not show them in the SERP. But that doesn’t mean they don’t track which profiles are significant in their niche.

Do search engines track signals from social networks?

Yes. Likes, comments, shares, and the number of followers play a crucial role in determining a page’s ranking by search engines. This is understandable because if a large number of people follow a profile and engage with its posts, it is evident that the profile holds some significance within that community.

Therefore, we should not overlook the importance of social media when considering our SEO strategy.

A love that only grows stronger

On November 15, 2023, Google made an announcement through a blog post about a new feature. This feature will allow users to choose whether they want to see content from social networks, forums, and other platforms. Additionally, basic information about the author will be displayed, giving users a better understanding of their background and identity.

It appears that the future looks bright for influencers.

Matija Čaić

mag. ing., SEO specialist